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Restaure-Action is Montreal’s masonry experts for the past 60 years. Our team of bricklayers and masons perform the necessary renovation repairs to your building.

Stone and brick are materials with excellent features: strength, fire resistance, wind protection, etc. Some problems may appear as time goes by. Know how to recognize problems frequently encountered in masonry and contact our team to get a quote for the necessary work.

Our masonry services

We offer various residential masonry services in Montreal, benefiting from expertise acquired in the streets and alleys of the city.

The advantages of masonry

The advantages are numerous and no longer need to be proven. Among the main characteristics are its durability and strength, its ability to protect against fire, its good thermal resistance, and its ease of maintenance.

Durable and strong

When combined with mortar and installed by a qualified contractor, brick and stone are two of the strongest materials for building an exterior wall. They will protect the structure of your building from weather and water seepage.

Fire protection

Brick and stone provide excellent fire protection. In the event of a fire, they prevent the spread of flames, which is why they are so commonly used in buildings throughout Montreal.

Good thermal resistance

Masonry helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature as it increases the thermal resistance of your home. During the day, heat is retained inside the masonry walls and released slowly at night. This feature allows you to save on your electricity bill.

Ease of maintenance

If maintained regularly, your brick walls will protect the structure of your home for a long period of time, better than most materials available on the market. Even though masonry work entails significant amounts of work, the regular maintenance of your brick or stone building is quite simple.

The Restaure-Action Commitment

Restaure-Action performs work in several sectors of Montreal. We use a variety of masonry materials and our professionals are extremely respectful of your premises to ensure that the renovation period is as pleasant as possible. Our mission is to help preserve Montreal’s urban heritage by offering quality services, carried out by qualified masonry professionals using the best techniques in the industry.


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