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Benefit from our complete mortar joint repair service for your brick or stone walls (house, apartment building, commercial space) in Montreal Call us for a free estimate!

Are your mortar joints damaged? Don’t wait to have them professionally repaired!

In Quebec, the variable weather (freezing and thawing) can damage your mortar joints over time. Because it can’t evaporate easily, the water contained in the materials freezes and can cause major damage to your brick or stone wall. Also, mortar joints can erode and become porous.

If you notice that the mortar joints in your brick or stone wall are deteriorating, it’s essential to have them repaired quickly to prevent the wall from aging. If you see crumbling, cracks or fissures in the mortar, contact the Restaure-Action masonry professionals without delay, to avoid a more serious problem, such as water infiltration or, in more advanced cases, the collapse of your wall.

What are the steps involved in repairing mortar brick and stone joints?

  • Inspection and project preparation
  • Securing the work area (if necessary)
  • Cleaning the surface to be repaired (if necessary)
  • Scouring of damaged mortar to a depth of 2.5 times the joint thickness
  • Remove damaged mortar and clean surface
  • Moisten surface (to limit water loss from new mortar)
  • Filling with new mortar in thin successive layers
  • Finishing after hardening of new mortar
  • Inspection and finishing

What other services are available for repairing mortar joints?

Why choose Restaure-Action for mortar joint repair in Montreal?

Our team of qualified professionals is dedicated to specialized masonry work, and has more than 60 years of combined experience. We offer a brick and stone mortar joint repair service that will exceed your expectations, and ensure your safety in a time of insecurity. We can repair mortar joints in both the residential sector (houses, apartment buildings, townhouses, triplex and duplex) and the commercial sector (commercial buildings, warehouses, historic buildings, etc.). 

We can also offer you a financing solution for major projects:

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our mortar joint repair service for brick or stone walls, our other masonry services or to request a free estimate, we invite you to contact us. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We travel to many parts of Montreal to repair your mortar joints.


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